Donating £1 from every large box sold to UNICEF
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Sweet Virtues - the Chocolate Alchemists

At Sweet Virtues, we believe eating chocolate should be an indulgent adventure for the senses, to enjoy and benefit from the finest ingredients that nature provides.


As Chocolate Alchemists, we source exciting, natural, and nutritious ingredients from around the world and turn them into delicious chocolates. Each of our flavour combinations is first to market, designed to take you on a unique edible adventure without compromising a healthy lifestyle.


We have taken the time to carefully select all our suppliers and manufacturers both here in the UK and abroad. This enables us to ensure both the quality of our products and the integrity of the environment and processes taken to achieve them.


Our products are vegan accredited and free-from the major allergens including gluten, gelatine, eggs, alcohol, dairy and nuts. With no additives or preservatives, our 67% dark chocolate is organic and fair trade and made with minimal processing to preserve its anti-oxidants and overall superior taste.

We are donating £1 from every large truffle of Halo Thins Gift box sold to UNICEF UK: East Africa Famine Appeal


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